Lilly is pure enrichment for your garden -- for when all the other summer shrubs have withered it will get going !

Its magnificent orchid like blossoms will kindle your enthusiasm; every single plant will carry up to 100 blossoms! The garden orchid will grow anywhere in your garden -- in every sort of soil, in all sorts of lighting conditions.

It particularly likes half shade or sunny places and is excellently suited to be planted under all sorts of copses. It creates an interesting and exotic contrast in your summer garden. The hardy, multi shooted perennial reaches a height of up to 80 cm and blossoms from July until October.

You would like to have Lilly in your home? No problem: Just cut it and put it in a vase! As a cut flower Lilly will bring an exotic flair to your living room.

By the way: if you like butterflies, there is no way to escape Lilly.